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We are a group of parents who are always keen on a smart parenting method, which motivates us to study together at the IAHPH United States from Glenn Doman, Pacific branch (GD Baby Singapore). We have applied the early education method to our own children and achieved good results. We are from all different walks of life, but we all have the same passion for what we do.
We believe in the importance of educating children from a young age and  parents can do a lot to help children develop their full potential, while ensuring that throughout the five months of childhood, children will be "Learning to play - Playing to learn".
As we are the people who have been successful in applying the Glenn Doman method to our children, we have also experienced the difficulties that most Vietnamese parents face when they apply early education. The pressure of life causes us not to have much time to play and learn with our children or to study the early methods of education deeply. This makes many parents have the tools, but can not properly deploy the method. The cost is too high for parents to have the textbooks, tools.
Understanding the difficulties of our parents, we jointly founded an early education program called KIZZU to help parents overcome these obstacles. With KIZZU, just five minutes a day, parents do not need to plan ahead, but they can still play happily and learn with their children intentionally. This will help children increase their vocabulary, enhance ability to communicate and especially increase emotional attachment to parents and family.
We all know that the programs we build will never be perfect enough to keep up with the growth of our babies so we will continue to work hard.
Parents can be assured that you will have the best programs to teach their children, and that all parenting programs will support their research to create a better world for them all our children.
If parents want to order or look for answers to a question, we are always here and ready to help parents with the most enthusiastic effort. Our job is to help parents save time and money to ensure that parents have more time with their children.
Parents will realize that learning - playing at home with a parent teacher is the most effective method of education. Children will learn a lot from their parents and vice versa, themselves can learn a lot from their lovely children.


GDKids is a multi-lingual early childhood education program that helps young people from the age of 10 to develop reading and communication skills from an early age. Unlike other language programs, GDKids offers a whole new way of learning through early learning methods.

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Kizzu teaching methods

Overview of GDKids teaching's method

For years, working with the world's education experts working on early education and early childhood education, GDKids has developed a comprehensive language learning program based on three main methods: Glenn Doman Method, Multi-sensory Approach, and Phonics Spelling.

The main reason we used early education methods in GDKids was we understood the potential of the brain in the early stages of childhood. Children from 0 to 6 are believed to have the most powerful knowledge absorption capacity. At this stage, the child's ability to absorb is so great that if it is not educated, the brain will not be able to optimize and its absorption will disappear. The knowledge received during this time will be remembered in the child's subconscious intact; over time, this knowledge will become capable of operating the capacity of thinking, thinking ability and creativity at high level.

In fact, according to the theory of remission and development of the young brain, the first six years of the baby can be divided into four stages as follows:

  • Stage of pregnancy: the potential for development is infinite
  • Stage 0-3 years of age: outstanding growth potential - also known as the golden age; period of opportunity.
  • Stage 3-6: Transition from right brain to left brain
  • Stage 6-8 years: development completed about 90%

However, early education for children is not a compulsive method just to become a genius. That education will make the relationship between parents and children stressful and it will fail. With GDKids, we are not only aiming at an early education method that will help you develop your child's best qualities and talents, but also emphasizes the importance of family love and good relationships with people and surroundings.

Glenn Doman Method

The Glenn Doman Method was created by GS. Glenn Doman, a pioneer in the development of children's intelligence and dedicated to the development of the intelligence of children around the world. He is also the author of the book "Education and Genius" consisting of 5 books, including "Early Childhood Teaching". According to him, the period from 0-6 years is the golden period of the brain. Children can learn new words through context without knowing the meaning of words.


GDKids develops a syllabus based on the standard principles of the Glenn Doman Method, which makes it easy for parents to teach their children at home:

  • All information is clear, separate and consistent.

  • The word is bold on a white background that meets the requirements of the Glenn Doman method

  • Lively visual and video interpretation, easy to understand.

  • Vocabulary is divided into topics that are close to the child's life.

  • Images and words are interleaved, helping children to grasp new words without understanding the meaning.

  • Cards are changed at a standard speed, stimulating the brain of children grow and the length of memory.

Through regular learning with memory cards, children can review vocabulary in each course to help them memorize and deepen the learning content in the brain. Thanks to this, your child's reading will be maximized.

Multisensory Method Robert C. Titzer

The Multisensory Method was first invented by Dr. Robert C. Titzer, an expert on anthropology and psychological research in California, USA. From his point of view, the multi-senses is defined as a children's learning method which stimulates the child to use multiple senses simultaneously. Learning through many senses will help children unlock the potential of the brain, learn and remember better.

Multisensory with GDKids

Normally, children tend to learn about the world around them through seeing, listening and exploring these through tasting, touching, and action. When a child tries to touch a thing by multiple senses means that the child is having a desire and an interest in exploring things.

GDKids owns a visual and video lesson system with interactive game programs, which stimulates the excitement and fun of learning. When learning with GDKids, children will hear the pronunciation with native accents as well as sounds from the vocabulary themselves. Another feature of this method is that the interaction between parents and children is considered to be the key to the success of this method . For example, when children see the picture of applause, parents can completely instruct the child to clap hands. With GDKids, the child will acquire vocabulary through visual, olfactory and even action. The more senses are used, the more words a child can remember.

Phonics and Whole Word Method

Phonics and the whole word are methods recommended by language expert and used by developed countries.

Phonics: This method concentrates on how to help children decode the word into phonics - the smallest part of a word. Children will learn new words by understand the phonics rules of this language. After understanding the rules, children can pair the phonics and read new words. Thanks to this, children can read the words that they have never met before.

Whole Word Method: This method focus on allowing the children to know new words through context instead of phonics. The meaning of the word is presented by pictures. When the children's vocabulary is big enough, they wil find out the rules of language to learn new words.

Language experts believe that young children have the ability to simultaneously learn well the pronunciation and the way they are formed, both verbally and verbally, in a particular context. Therefore, the method of combining phonics and whole word is recommended by many educators in the world.

GDKids incorporates these methods to build a complete lesson structure, teaching single words through spelling, taking raw words and introducing children to using single words in sentences or specific context.

Mock lesson of phonics:

Mock lessons of whole word method:

Number of lessons

Number of lessons

The two most important factors in the process of teaching a child to learn languages are their regularity and interest. Understanding this, GDKids builds a large and comprehensive learning system so that children are always ready to learn everyday. Lesson content is suitable for the child's ability to focus. In addition, a rich collection of animated images, videos, sounds, interactive games and award-winning rewards is always attractive and inspirational to children when using the program.

A language program of GDKids can be studied in one year. According to the design, every day the child will review 50% of the old words and learn 50% of the new words. The average frequency is five times per week, each time from 5 to 10 minutes.

GDKids owns 200 pronunciation rules and 1500 words, phrases from 250 lessons with thousands of images, videos and audios. In addition, the child is trained with the words learned through 750 different interactive games, helping children to continuously study the words learned and remember longer.

Each day, with each lesson the child will learn different content. Content has 75 common themes, including:


At the end of a language learning program, your children can learn 1450 words, just enough for a child to master any language.

Mock lesson

Each lesson includes 8 parts and lasts only 5-7 minutes to suit the level of absorption and concentration of young children. Finishing each part and lessons, the children will be rewarded with stars to help children always excited, learn to play, play to learn.

Benefits for children

Benefits for children

Developing language ability
Any language begins with the cultivation of vocabulary, so GDKids helps children develop their language ability by expanding their vocabulary. Children will receive the meaning of words through pictures, gif, video, sound, helping children to absorb new words faster and more effectively. In addition to the large volume of words GDKids offers, parents can completely add words or edit photos, videos or sounds which are close to the children. This helps the child's vocabulary to expand unlimitedly.
Improving communication ability
Two-way interaction between parents and children when using GDKids is one of the most important factors that help children improve communication ability. Parents often guide children to learn or even study with children. Interaction between parents and children as much, the ability to reflect with the language of the child will increase, help children become more active, more confident while communicating with the people around.
Developing motor skills
With GDKids, children can also follow or imitate movements in the content. For example, when children learn the word "kick", in GDKids, there will be a video of the boy kicking very lively. Sounds or videos from GDKids lessons will stimulate children to follow, helping them not only to remember but also develop their motor skills.
Children love and bond with their parents as well as those around them
In early education, children can learn anything that their parents teach with love, honesty and reality. Therefore, parents can be the first teachers and have a great impact on the development of children in the future. Through GDKids, parents will have more time to engage, interact with the children, and then create a close bond between parents, family members and children.

Benefits for parents

Bonding with children
GDKids creates an environment where parents can play with their children without much effort and time. Through the lessons and games, parents can both transmit knowledge from the application and their own experiences to children. This increases the connection between parents and children.
Understanding your children
Exposuring to young children at an early age helps parents to understand the process of forming a child's personality. Especially, when learning and playing with GDKids, parents will know more about the interests and habits that children less showed off if not connected with children.
Increasing confidence for parents
In the process of teaching a child, many parents feel confused whether their teaching approach is appropriate. In addition to, more parents have doubts about their ability to be parents. GDKids helps parents overcome those fears through a system of proven methods by domestic and international education experts. Along with GDKids, children learn more about new words everyday and thess results helping parents become more confident in themselves.
You are always children's first teacher
The pride of any father or mother is to witness the maturity and development of his/her child especially when parents are the child's first guidance. With GDKids, parents will always be the first teacher of the child to explore knowledge and the colorful world around. 

Benefits for teachers

Increasing professionalism in the lessons
GDKids is a high-tech product that includes early education methods as well as tools for implementing such methods. Using GDKids, teachers will no longer need to prepare hands-on materials, but will use electronic devices such as phones and tablets to increase the professionalism of the lessons.

Improving teaching effectiveness
In addition to the system of lessons based on early learning methods, GDKids also owns a lot of interesting interactive games. Lessons with GDKids will not be boring, but it will be fun for kids. This is the key to improving the effectiveness of each class.

Saving time preparing lesson plans

Teachers often spend hours preparing lessons, not to mention lacking in teaching aids. With a system of lessons programmed by GDKids's early education specialists, teachers will have a complete set of tools to effectively implement early learning methods at school.

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