Are Kye and Lizzy Still Together? – Expert Analysis and Discussion

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Are Kye and Lizzy Still Together? – Expert Analysis and Discussion

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Are Kye and Lizzy still together?” is a question that has been asked by fans of the popular YouTube channel, The Nive Nulls. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Kye and Lizzy from the channel and provide expert analysis and discussion on the topic.


The Nive Nulls is a popular YouTube channel that follows the lives of Kye and Lizzy, a married couple with three children. The channel has amassed a large following over the years, with fans tuning in to watch the family’s everyday adventures.

Analysis and Discussion

Unfortunately, Kye and Lizzy announced their separation in 2017, after it was revealed that Kye had been unfaithful. The couple took a break from social media following the announcement, but have since returned to YouTube and continue to co-parent their children.

Despite their separation, Kye and Lizzy have been open about their ongoing friendship and co-parenting relationship. They have also been open about the challenges they have faced since their separation, including the impact it has had on their mental health.


In conclusion, Kye and Lizzy from The Nive Nulls are no longer together following Kye’s infidelity. However, they have continued to co-parent their children and maintain an amicable friendship. Their openness about their struggles has been praised by fans and has helped to reduce the stigma surrounding divorce and co-parenting.

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